These Hikari figures are among the coolest we’ve ever seen at Zia. Limited stock, available at select Zia locations.
This awesome Behringer Eurodesk just hit the sales floor at @ZiaRecords Eastern in Vegas. $299.99. Come and get it, gearheads. #ZiaRecords #Behringer #makemusic
Dance party Tongue Tied Phoenix is hosting an “Old School Jam” Saturday, August 2. Zia will be there with rad prizes! Get more info here.
Happy Jerry Garcia Day. Jerry was born August 1st in 1942, and his music is still reverberating in our skulls.
Who saw #GuardiansoftheGalaxy last night? That awesome soundtrack ’70s pop is available now at Zia, as well as all sorts of awesome Guardians figures, like this Star-Lord wacky wobbler. #ZiaRecords #Groot #ZiaisGroot #Guardians #Marvel #StarLord #RocketRaccoon (at Phoenix, Tucson, Vegas, Knowhere)
Happy birthday to hip-hop statesman Chuck D.
So, uh, Adelitas Way at Zia was pretty crazy! #ziarecords #adelitasway
Chris Jericho of Fozzy is coming to Zia Records! Get all the details:
These magnetic vinyl @dccomics figures rule! #ziarecords #dccomics #batman #superman #deadstrike #bizzaro #joker #harleyquinn (at Phoenix, Tucson, Vegas)
Tonight! #adelitasway #ziarecords
Happy birthday to Wesley Snipes. Would you be up for Blade 4?
Zia Records and Rhymesayers are teaming up to bring you Atmosphere in-store signings at Zia locations in Tucson, Tempe, and Las Vegas. Pick up “Southsiders” at Zia now.

Happy birthday to Arnold Schwarzenegger. He’s played lots of awesome roles — what’s your favorite?